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Crafting Excellence: The Art of Steel Fabrication at N.J. McCutchen, Inc.

December 13, 2023

Crafting Excellence: The Art Of Steel Fabrication At N.J. McCutchen, Inc.

Steel fabrication is the process of converting raw steel materials into predefined shapes, structures, or components through cutting, shaping, and assembling techniques. This involves skilled labor and specialized machinery to create products that meet design and engineering requirements. It is widely used in industries like construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure for creating diverse steel products from structural components to machinery parts.

N.J. McCutchen, Inc. is a trusted name in crafting high-quality steel products that stand the test of time. In this article, we share the benefits of steel fabrication and the advanced techniques and state-of-the-art machinery we use to bring you top-notch solutions!

Key Advantages of Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication is a popular choice in various industries due to the following key benefits:

  • Durability: Fabricated steel is renowned for its exceptional strength and toughness. It withstands heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, and other environmental stresses.
  • Customization: Steel fabrication allows for a high degree of customization. Manufacturers can shape and mold steel into diverse forms and sizes, meeting specific design requirements for various applications.
  • Versatility: From structural components in buildings to intricate parts in machinery, steel fabrication provides flexibility in design and functionality.
  • Construction efficiency: Prefabricated steel components can be manufactured off-site, reducing construction time on-site. This makes it suitable for projects with tight schedules.
  • Precision and consistency: Modern steel fabrication processes, including computer-controlled cutting and welding, ensure precision and consistency in producing steel components. This results in high-quality products with minimal variations.
  • Reduced waste: Steel fabrication processes generate less waste than traditional construction methods. Offcuts and scrap steel can be recycled, minimizing environmental impact and disposal costs.
  • Safety:Steel fabrication often involves precision machinery and automated processes, reducing the reliance on labor-intensive tasks. This contributes to a safer working environment with fewer accidents.

Our Capabilities: Steel Fabrication Techniques and Machines at N.J. McCutchen

At N.J. McCutchen, Inc., our expertise extends across a spectrum of essential fabrication processes. Let’s explore in detail the core techniques and tools we use:

Plate Shearing

Plate shearing is the foundational step where raw steel plates are precisely cut into desired shapes. Our plate shearing capabilities which can handle up to 1/2″ thickness ensure that each cut is exact, laying the groundwork for the entire process.

Bending and Rolling

The art of bending and rolling transforms flat steel into three-dimensional forms. Our skilled artisans utilize our advanced 1,000-ton x 20′ bed press and rollers to shape steel with precision. This technique meets design specifications and adds a level of customization to each component, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into the larger structure.

CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting

Our 10′ x 40′ CNC plasma/flame cutter is equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to cut through steel with intricate detail. Whether it’s complex patterns or precise edges, this technique ensures that each cut meets the most stringent design requirements.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting allows us to achieve fine details and complex patterns, providing our clients with a level of customization that sets their projects apart. We’ve integrated a 6000 Watt Laser Cutter with a 60″ x 120″ table into our fabrication arsenal. This enables us to achieve micro-level precision and ensure clean and intricate cuts.


Welding involves joining materials by causing fusion. Our skilled welders employ techniques to fuse steel components with precision, including MIG, TIG, and stick welding. The result is a strong bond and a seamless integration of elements.

One-Stop Solutions for All Your Project Needs

At N.J. McCutchen, Inc., our expertise lies in delivering full-scale custom fabrication services. Our capabilities extend to providing design and drafting services as needed, complemented by a complete set of fabrication equipment. This allows us to construct virtually anything. Additionally, we offer painting and sandblasting services to add the perfect finishing touch to your project.

With an expansive 50,000 square feet of shop space, project size is never an obstacle. Our 3 x 20-ton overhead cranes, full machine shop, and a wide range of lift trucks and cranes ensure efficiency at every stage. Whether large or small, we can efficiently and safely handle your project, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

N.J. McCutchen, Inc.: Providing Quality Steel Fabrication Services Since 1976

N.J. McCutchen, Inc. stands as a trusted partner for industries spanning manufacturing, power generation, aerospace, and beyond! Our facility is located in Stockton, California and offers one-stop solutions for various projects. With expertise in fabricating and repairing a broad spectrum of common metallurgies and materials, our skilled technicians uphold the highest standards in steel fabrication.

Contact us or request a quote today and experience the difference that four decades of excellence can make.

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