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Understanding the Benefits of CNC Machining

February 28, 2017

Understanding The Benefits Of CNC Machining

CNC uses a computer to control tools rather than operating them manually. You simply input a design and the computer program operates the machine to create the final product. There are many benefits to using CNC machining as part of your manufacturing including reduced costs and increased precision in your production

Reduce Costs

CNC machining can reduce your operating expenses because it requires fewer individuals to operate. Rather than having employees to run the tools, you simply need someone to input the design and perform regular maintenance on the CNC machine. Since you can use this process on a variety of tools from lathes to mills, you can continue making the same products with reduced staffing. In addition, the machines can run constantly so that you have less downtime and can increase your output.

Improved Precision

Because the machines are controlled by computer software, you have the added benefit of a reproducible final product made within close tolerances for accurate measurements. This is especially important if you manufacture parts or components that need to be consistent. Unlike manual processes, where human error can result in minor differences between iterations of a product, the CNC machine can recreate the same design each time.
Using tools controlled by computers you can reduce your costs and have an improved product. For more information on the benefits of CNC machining, contact N.J. McCutchen, Inc.

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